These and other publicity photos are available (in various resolutions) via this Flickr album

Below are some photos from a book launch for The Moral Nexus (King's College London, July 2019); additional photos of this event may be found in this Flickr album

Here are some photos from workshops organized by my Einstein Ethics Group in Berlin from 2016-2020; additional photos are in this Flickr Album

Workshop with Johann Frick (October 2017)

Early Career Workshop 2018

Workshop with Johann Frick (October 2017)

Workshop on Arthir Ripstein's Private Wrongs (October 2016)

Early Career Workshop 2017

Workshop with Johann Frick (October 2017)

Workshop with Johann Frick (October 2017)

Felix Koch, Joseph Raz, Jonathan Dancy (June 2017)

Workshop with Samuel Scheffler (June 2017)

Workshop on Shared Agency and Obligation (June 2018)

Workshop on Moral Address (December 2016)

Workshop with Ulrike Heuer and Erasmus Mayr (July 2019)

Workshop on Moral Obligation (June 2017)

Hempel Lectures in Princeton, 2015

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Induction, September 2022 (with Berkeley colleagues)

Ausstellung "Marx und der Kapitalismus", Deutsches Historisches Museum (Summer 2022)

Graffito in München (June 2023)