Selected Courses

(A complete list of courses taught may be found on my Curriculum Vitae)

Recent Graduate Seminars

Selected Undergraduate Courses

  • “Individual Morality and Social Justice” (Philosophy 2, U.C. Berkeley, spring 2002; fall 2002; fall 2003; fall 2005; spring 2019; spring 2020; spring 2021; spring 2023)

  • “Ethical Theories” (Philosophy 104, U.C. Berkeley, fall 2000; summer 2002; summer 2003; summer 2004; summer 2006; fall 2009; fall 2011; spring 2013; fall 2013; fall 2014; fall 2017; spring 2020; spring 2021; fall 2021; spring 2023)

  • “Freedom and Responsibility” (Philosophy 109, U.C. Berkeley, fall 2003; fall 2008; summer 2010)

  • “Moral Psychology” (Philosophy 107, U.C. Berkeley, fall 2001; fall 2002; fall 2007)

Graduate Advising

At U.C. Berkeley

  • Niko Kolodny, Relationships as Reasons (2003); Professor, UC Berkeley

  • Jennifer Johnson, On Desire (2003)

  • Suzanne Obdrzalek, The Philosopher’s Eros – Reason and Passion in Plato’s Middle Dialogues (2004); Associate Professor, Claremont McKenna College

  • Wayne Wu, What’s Attention Got to Do with Action? An Essay on Perception and Action (2005); Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Hui-chieh Loy, The Moral Philosophy of the Mozi “Core Chapters” (2006); Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

  • Agnes Callard, An Incomparabilist Account of Akrasia (2008); Associate Professor, University of Chicago

  • Joseph Karbowski, The Methodology of Aristotle’s Inquiry into the Human Good in the Nicomachean Ethics (2009); Humboldt Research Fellow, LMU Munich

  • Benjamin Boudreaux, Recent Immigration and the Nation: An Account of the Demands of Assimilation (2011); Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

  • Andy Engen, The Reactive Theory of Punishment (2011); Associate Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University

  • George Tsai, Moral Judgment and Historical Understanding (2011); Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Mānoa

  • Brian Berkey, Against Moderate Morality: The Demands of Justice in an Unjust World (2012); Associate Professor, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Markus Kohl, Kant on Freedom, Nature and Normativity (2012); Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Julia Nefsky, The Morality of Collective Harm (2012); Associate Professor, University of Toronto

  • Erich Hatala Matthes, Engaging with the Past: Essays on History, Value, and Practical Reason (2013); Associate Professor, Wellesley College

  • Erin Beeghly, Seeing Difference: The Epistemology and Ethics of Stereotyping (2014); Associate Professor, University of Utah

  • Eugene Chislenko, Intention and Normative Belief (2016); Assistant Professor, Temple University

  • Julian Jonker, In Defense of Directed Duties (2017); Assistant Professor, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Jeremiah Carey, Reason, Desire, and the Will: In Defense of a Tripartite Moral Psychology (2017); Adjunct Professor, Siena College

  • Dylan Murray, Hijacking Reason: Implicit Attitudes and Moral Responsibility (2017); Postdoctoral Research Associate, Universidad de los Andes

  • Quinn Hiroshi Gibson, On the Fringes of Moral Responsibility: Skepticism, Self-Deception, Delusion, and Addiction (2017); Assistant Professor, Clemson University

  • Nick French, Moral Obligation, Mutual Recognition, and Our Reasons to be Moral (2020); Assistant Editor, Jacobin

  • Kirsten Pickering, Why Answer the Epistemic Challenge? (2020); Research and Program Fellow, Mount Tamalpais College (operating in San Quentin Prison)

  • Omar Fakhri, How To Stand Your Ground in the Face of Ethical Disagreement (2021); Assistant Professor, Bethel University

  • Sophia Dandelet, Deciding What You Know: Ethical Norms in Epistemic Inquiry (2021); Bersoff Postdoctoral Fellow, NYU; Assistant Professor, Cambridge University

  • Daniel Khokhar, Address and Response: The Normativity of Requesting, Begging, and Commanding (2022); Postdoctoral Fellow, NYU Center for Bioethics

  • Tyler Haddow (ongoing)

  • Scott Casleton (ongoing)

  • Monika Chao (ongoing)

  • Edward Schwartz (ongoing)

  • Christian Nakazawa (ongoing)

  • Sarah Vernallis (ongoing)

At the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  • Armin Erkens, Zur neoaristotelisch inspirierten Kritik an der kantianischen Konzeption des Moralischen: Bernard Williams und das Moralsystem (1998)

  • Ulrike Heuer, Gründe und Motive (1999); Associate Professor, University College London

  • Kirsten Petzold, Praktische Gründe: Ein Vergleich dreier paradigmatischer Theorien (2000)

  • Elif Özmen, Moral, Rationalität, und gelungenes Leben (2003); Professor, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

  • Ian Jennings, Against State Neutrality: Raz, Rawls, and Philosophical Perfectionism (2009)

  • Benjamin Kiesewetter, The Normativity of Rationality (2014); DFG Principal Investigator, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  • Daniele Bruno, Because You Promised: A Non-Reductive Account of Promissory Normativity (2021); Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Universität Potsdam